In the Event of Moon Disaster Review

25.03.2022 Photo: Image by Joshua Morris, Illustration by Lily Hayman With a collection of calm and witty monologues intertwined with absolutely fantastic scenes of a hectic film set, In The Event Of Moon Disaster, written and directed by Nick Vagne, begs the question; what if the moon landing was fake?…

Breathing Corpses Review

13.04.22 Eye Contact Theatre Company’s Breathing Corpses (by Laura Wade) has finally gotten its run and honestly all I can say is thank goodness it has! This show has had a very bumpy road to the KXT stage, having suffered two cancelled seasons due to the old covid cough and…

Grief Lightning Review

21.04.22 As almost any Arts, English or Film major will tell you, the chances of using Milton to debunk a Grease Lightning theory beyond the classroom are slim to none. To which, many typically respond with something like ‘first, that’s a very specific thing to say, and second, well, obviously’.…

The Deb Review

22.04.2022 The Deb cast at the Australian Theatre For Young People, 2022. Photo: Tracey Schramm © How lucky I was to experience the opening night of The Deb and to share that with such a warm and star-studded audience.  A new ATYP production in its spectacular new home. Sitting in the front row almost eye to eye with the…

The Chapel, the Fire, and the Dead Cat Review

07.04.2022 The Chapel, the Fire, and the Dead Cat at NHSPA. Photo: Clare Hawley © What happens when eleven teenagers creep onto a church ground at night? The Chapel, the Fire and the Dead Cat (winner of the 2019 Senior ATYP Foundation Commission). Madelaine Nunn’s wonderful and ghostly play explores…

The Lies We Were Told

01.05.2022 The Lies We Were Told 2022. Photo: Clare Hawley © There was exciting energy in the Shopfront Arts foyer on a Friday evening for Shopfront Arts’ smash hit ‘The Lies We Were Told.’ As you check in, you are asked to write down your own lie, either one you…