We’re heading back to the theatre! 🎭

Johanna Mulholland, General Manager Every other day here in the ATYP office, someone looks my way and says, “I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You”. My eyes involuntarily widen, I sit forward a little.  The production with this synapse-twanging title is in fact ATYP’s first gig back in a theatre in…

We’re starting fresh in 2021

Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director Welcome to 2021! As we shake ourselves off from a Christmas that didn’t behave remotely as planned, we’re strapping in for the year ahead. Our seatbelts have been tightened, airbags have been fitted, we’ve upgraded the sound system, revolutionised the suspension and put our helmets on.…

2021 – bring on the theatre!

So, 2020 happened. Let’s not talk about it… INSTEAD, let’s talk about what the ATYP staff are looking forward to seeing at the theatre in 2021! With all that the nation’s arts industry has been through in the past 12 months, we are stoked to see productions returning to stages…

We need a little Christmas – ATYP’s favourite Christmas movies

To quote the wise Jerry Herman, “And we need a little Christmas, right this very minute/We need a little Christmas now”. Yes, Jerry, we do! Whether you like a fluffy Christmas movie, a rom-com, or something action-packed, ATYP’s favourite Christmas movies will have something for everyone. Johanna Serendipity – Any…

Launching into 2021 🚀

Fraser Corfield, Artistic Director It’s nearly Christmas! This rollercoaster of a year has been an intense ride but now it’s coming to the end I feel a bit sick and am ready to get off! … But before we do I’m very proud to launch our 2021 season. Over the…

Victoria Zerbst – Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission Blog 3

Plotting along I made it through my first feedback session with Resident Legend, Jane FitzGerald. It was wonderfully confronting to engage with my First Draft™ again after I submitted it and pretended it never happened, but I was eased into the process with some of Jane’s killer homemade Anzac biscuits.…