Come From Away review

03.06.21 The original Australian cast of Come From Away. Photo by Jeff Busby. Come From Away tells a story about a town called Gander in Newfoundland, Canada, a town which on September 11th had to accommodate over 7,000 passengers from across the world. Due to the events that occurred on…

June is bustin’ out all over at ATYP! 💥

Claudene Shoesmith, Deputy Workshops Manager As we race to the halfway point of 2021, I’ve been reading several interesting articles about the emotional state currently felt by many that has been described as ‘languishing’. Languishing is a sense of stagnation and emptiness – and as the world continues to wrestle…

Meet the 2021 Martin-Lysicrates Prize finalists!

MEET THE FINALISTS The Mysterious Disappearance (and most likely murder) of Christine Babbernock by Jacob Parker Seeing Double by Madelaine Nunn Total Eclipse of the Heart by Keziah Warner It’s not too late to attend the 2021 Martin-Lysicrates prize and watch the first act of these plays brought to life on stage!…

The Cherry Orchard review

01.06.21 Mandela Mathia, Josh Price, Pamela Rabe, and Charles Wu in Belvoir St Theatre’s The Cherry Orchard. Photo by Brett Boardman. Incred. Wholesome. Glorious. I’ve never seen or read the original script (uncultured, I know) so I was very excited to see for myself why this Chekhov has stood the…

ATYP Theatre Flat Pack – Jamison High School

ATYP Teaching Artist, Sophie Kelly, and students at Jamison High School working on Impending Everyone. We are so thrilled about our inaugural Theatre Flat-Pack performance of Impending Everyone at Jamison High School! ATYP Director, Sophie Kelly, has been hard at work with the students on this exciting production. We sat…

The Linden Solution review

26.05.21 The Linden Solution. Photo by Clare Hawley. “We forget the past” yet “We fetishize the past to create a prosperous future”. As the theatrical industry came to a halt throughout 2020, many issues surrounding our nation like racism, violence and hate crimes still continued, as we’re reminded through Ratcatch…