U.B.U: A Cautionary Tale of Catastrophe Review

21.05.2022 Shea Russon in UBU, 2022. Photo: Clare Hawley © “Knowing about a problem and not liking it is not the same thing as doing something about it.” Richard Hilliar’s UBU is back and this time at the KXT bAKEHOUSE Theatre Company. Presented by Tooth & Sinew, this production is…

Wayside Bride Review

08.05.22 Angeline Penrith and Marco Chiappi in Wayside Bride, 2022. Photo: Brett Boardman © For two and half hours the Belvoir upstairs theatre became Kings Cross in the 1970s as Alana Valentine’s Wayside Bride captured the soul and spirit of those who turned to Ted Noffs when there was nowhere…

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Festival Review

10.05.22 Lungol Wekina in A Body is All That Remains, 2022. Photo: Mabel Li © Everything But The Kitchen Sink means ‘almost everything that one can think of’ but I’ll tell you one thing for sure; walking into Flight Path Theatre for the EBTKS Festival I definitely did not think…

Tell Me Before The Sun Explodes Review

05.05.2022 Tim McGarry and Joshua Shediak in Tell me Before The Sun Explodes, 2022. Photo: Philip Erbacher © “You don’t spend your life hating the sun because you know it will explode one day.” Written by Jacob Parker and directed by Hayden Tonazzi, Tell Me Before The Sun Explodes is…

A Campfire Story Review

14.05.22 Rocco Forrester-Sach in A Campfire Story, 2022. Photo: Disapol Savetsila © Surrounded by the sounds of crickets and the beams of moonlight you watch as the story of a widowed mother unfurls; revealing a broken family torn by cancer and a destructive father. Directed by Rowan Bate, A Campfire…

The Picture of Dorian Gray

05.04.2022 Eryn Jean Norvill in The Picture of Dorian Gray, 2022. Photo: Dan Boud © The Picture of Dorian Gray resurrects Oscar Wilde’s classic novel in an outstandingly complex and unique approach. It follows the story of youthful and naive Dorian Gray, a young man who becomes obsessed with his…