The One Review

26.07.22 Theatre has an extensive history of catering to all white senior audiences, and The One is no exception. The show was advertised as a production that “colourfully unravels the complexities of what it means to be Eurasian in contemporary Australia,” written by Vanessa Bates and directed by Darren Yap.…

Fangirls Review

30.07.22 The hit 2019 musical Fangirls—Yve Blake’s love letter to teenage girls and their passions—is back for a third production in four years, and if those stats aren’t enough to convince you to buy a ticket, then I don’t know what will.  The cast of Fangirls, 2022. Photo by Dayna…

The Camel (VIC) Review

29.07.22 Three artworks. Two Siblings. One apartment. A camel in the Ceiling. Yes, that’s right a camel calling for help whilst the two siblings concur on failure, siblinghood, relationships as well as trying to succeed as artists. Having an extravert and an introvert created the perfect as well as relatable…

Much Ado Review

30.07.22 Attractive, Not Model Attractive kicked off their premiere show with a BANG and really said “we’re here”. From the marketing, to the production design, to the personality of the cast – this new theatre company has earned their own aesthetic and skillful place in Sydney’s theatre scene. Mym Kwa…

IMPORTANT UPDATE – A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music

ATYP regrets to announce we are postponing A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music. This difficult decision has been made following the ongoing financial impact of COVID on the delivery of the 2022 season.  Despite the creative successes of ATYP’s productions The Deb and M.Rock, the financial risk in staging…

The Mystery of Edwin Drood Review

12.07.22 I didn’t know much about the 1985 Rupert Holmes musical, The Mystery of Edwin Drood before I attended the show, but within five short minutes, I knew that I was in for a rollicking night of fun, mayhem, and fourth-wall breaking. How did I know they’d break the fourth wall?…