Julius Caesar review

22.11.21 Geraldine Hakewill, Zahra Newman and Ewen Leslie in Sydney Theatre Company’s Julius Caesar, 2021. Photo: Daniel Boud © Sydney Theatre Company welcomes back passionate patrons of the arts with an unforgettable opening night of Kip Williams’ reimagining the Shakespeare classic Julius Caesar— unveiling the astonishing cast of three: Geraldine…

Norm and Ahmed review

15.11.21 Australian Theatre Live’s Norm and Ahmed at Riverside Theatres. A very familiar play for Sydney HSC drama students, (leading to an audience full of teenagers prepping for next week’s exam!), Alex Buzo’s famous two-hander Norm and Ahmed, produced by Australian Theatre Live at the Riverside Theatres, confronts audiences with…

Happy Days review

11.11.21 Belinda Giblin in Red Line Productions’ Happy Days By Samuel Beckett. Photo by Robert Catto. Have you ever enjoyed a show even though you were mentally constantly banging your brain against the inside of your skull? What felt like hours, felt like minutes after the show. As my mate…

We’re buzzing with activity this November! 🐝

Claudene Shoesmith, Deputy Workshops Manager I recently read that in all 154 sonnets and 37 plays written by Shakespeare, the month of November isn’t mentioned by name a single time – boy was he missing out! There are lots of things to love about November. Spring weather, the anticipation of…

Return to the Dirt review

21.10.21 Queensland Theatre – Return to the Dirt, 2021 – photo by David Kelly It’s hard to say no to theatre with a life-sized “OUCH” board used to explain embalming, or a passionately delivered TED Talk-style monologue about the funeral industry. Add in references to my hometown, and I’m front…

Hush review

22.10.21 Clementine Anderson for Hush. Photo by Jacinthe Lau. Content Warning: References to violence against women, as well as themes of fertility and birth (including miscarriage, birth-trauma, and post-natal depression). “The drive of this wasn’t to write a medical drama, it was to write a work about emotions and fear and…