Launching into 2021 🚀

It’s nearly Christmas! This rollercoaster of a year has been an intense ride but now it’s coming to the end I feel a bit sick and am ready to get off! … But before we do I’m very proud to launch our 2021 season. Over the past twelve months we’ve…

Victoria Zerbst – Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission Blog 3

Plotting along I made it through my first feedback session with Resident Legend, Jane FitzGerald. It was wonderfully confronting to engage with my First Draft™ again after I submitted it and pretended it never happened, but I was eased into the process with some of Jane’s killer homemade Anzac biscuits.…

Position Vacant: Marketing and Communications Manager

We are looking for a professional, creative and energetic person to join us in the role of Marketing and Communications Manager as ATYP begins an exciting new chapter in its almost 60-year history. Alongside a busy year of productions and programs in 2021, ATYP will be preparing to move into…

Drama is on! (no, not the election kind)

Sorie Bangura, Production Manager As the end of the year gets closer and closer, it’s poignant to reflect upon a strange and challenging year. Under the original plan we would have finished the last production for 2020 and be gearing up for the ensemble performance weekend, but as we all…

ICYMI, we love the arts! 💛✨

For a year that’s been given many labels – unprecedented, wild, bizarre, unexpected – slow is not one of them. Sure, it felt like March went on for 10 years rather than 31 days, but the light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer as restrictions…

Chika Ikogwe – Rose Byrne Scholarship Report 1

ATYP ROSE BYRNE SCHOLARSHIP REPORT 30/09/2020 WHAT. A. YEAR. Cool, just had to get that off my chest. When I initially applied for the Rose Byrne Scholarship, the world was in an incredibly different situation. COVID was starting to knock on the door like “Hey y’all, see you real soon…