What’s On

Welcome to 2022, the year ATYP goes to a whole new level

In 2022 we offer you a world-first – a season of fully professional youth theatre productions. Each play in the season gives us the experiences of young people, performed by extraordinary young artists, working in partnership with industry leaders. They are funny, cheeky, joyous, heartbreaking and bold … but they are not always polite, they are rarely well behaved and they can make you blush.

So who are these shows for? They are for audiences aged 13 and above. These are productions for people that want to go to the theatre with a friend, a parent, a grandparent or all of the above. They are plays for an audience that wants to see young talent in sophisticated stories that make us laugh, make us think, make us feel a connection across generations.

We can’t wait for you to join us in 2022. See you at The Rebel Theatre!

The Deb
High school outcast and whimsical mega-dork Taylah longs to be the princess in her own fairy tale. Which isn't easy in Dunburn - a drought-stricken Aussie town struggling for survival, where cool girls and footy hunks lead the pack. But when her hyper-woke, inner-city cousin Maeve comes to stay, the pair join forces on a quest to make their mark on the best night of the year: the town’s annual Debutante Ball. In their search for social redemption and the spotlight, chaos ensues.
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Tracey is 18 and a little impulsive. She's meant to start a nursing degree in March, but right now she just wants to dance all night. So she heads off on a European holiday, clutching the lucky rabbit's foot her grandmother gave her. Mabel is your typical grandmother. She plays piano for The Players and knits for the Africa appeal. But when Tracey skips her flight home and doesn’t get in touch, Mabel leaves her stable life to go find her. So what if she’s never been further than Bankstown?
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The Resistance
Marlee’s running late, Hayden is seeking justice, Miro has his head in the clouds and Pepper just wants to blow things up. With this group in charge, it’s no wonder the rally is going nowhere fast. But when Marlee is unexpectedly thrust into the limelight, it suddenly feels as if the whole country is watching. Could these young people maybe save the world? A co-production between ATYP and Auckland Theatre Company.
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A Clockwork Orange: A Play with Music
Alex and his teenage gang revel in danger, mayhem and a bit o' the ol’ in-out-in-out, ideally with Beethoven blasting in their ears. Communicating in a strange slang dialect, they stalk the streets wreaking havoc without consequences - until a drug-fuelled night of fun ends in murder, and Alex is finally busted and banged up. He’s given a choice: be brainwashed into good citizenship and set free, or face a lifetime inside.
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Past the Shallows
Harry and Miles live with their father, an abalone diver, on the wild and beautiful south coast of Tasmania. With their father largely absent, they look after each other as best they can. Over a school holiday while Miles works on the boat, Harry begins an unlikely friendship that will upset the delicate balance holding this unpredictable world together. A co-production between ATYP and Archipelago Productions.
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