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About It’s Rayleen’s birthday, but she’s not getting excited.  She and three other teenagers are caught in an interrogation room. Their lives overlap but their challenges are very different. In this town, the past is with you everywhere you go, looking over your shoulder, whispering songs of survival. It’s hard…
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About Have you ever wanted to change the past? Charlie Pilgrim has. And with the prototype of her time machine – The Mobius – ready for a test run, she was hoping to get her chance. Unfortunately, starting up the machine has accidentally created a closed time loop that adds…
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About Sometimes theatre entertains us, taking us to a place of imagination and wonder. Sometimes it educates, giving us an insight into a world that is fascinating and unfamiliar. When it does both these things it creates that rare magic that leaves audiences inspired and informed. It’s theatre that’s powerful,…
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Bathory Begins

About Year 10 Art teacher Mrs Bathory is most definitely a reincarnation of the sadistic, serial-killer Countess, Erzebet Báthory. It’s pretty obvious to her class of seven —yes, seven — girls. The last remaining survivors. When the students in 10F decide to pull the prank of the century and destroy…
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April Aardvark

About EZ and his gang of bullies have created a fake social media account to inflict torment and misery on their fellow students. The account’s name, “April Aardvark”, echoes through the halls with fear and confusion. The gang is smugly satisfied with the results, until the day a student shows…
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About This is Edna. She’s 14, and she’s in love with Harry. There’s just one problem: Harry is in ‘True Connection’ – the biggest boyband in the world. When True Connection announces a tour stop in Edna’s city she realises this is her one chance to convince Harry of their…
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Intersection 2019: Arrival

About It’s midnight and twin siblings argue over what to do with the dog they just ran over. In a school common room a student is struggling to clean a sharpie drawing of a you-know-what off a window. In an undisclosed location a boy prepares for his new life in…
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