Welcome to 2021, the year we expect the unexpected.

Over the past twelve months we’ve been challenged to rethink so much about the world we live in… and the role theatre plays within it. Planning for the future at the moment involves a swirling mix of anxiety, excitement, uncertainty and hope. As always happens in such times, artists help us make sense of the illogical, the seemingly unfair, the abstract in a changing world.
While preparing our 2021 season the words of Bob Dylan have been playing in my head: 

Come writers and critics
who prophesize with your pen,

and keep your eyes wide
the chance won’t come again.
And don’t speak too soon
for the wheel’s still in spin,
and there’s no tellin’ who
that it’s namin’.
For the loser now
will be later to win,
for the times they are a changin.“

ATYP’s 2021 season is a reflection on a changing world. We are very proud to bring you a season of new Australian plays and engagement programs that speak to the challenges, relationships, technology and pathways we are navigating, here and now.

We look forward to riding the waves of change with you in 2021.

Edna’s fourteen and is head over heels in love with Harry – he’s beautiful, talented, perfect. But he’s also the face of ‘True Connection’, the world’s biggest boy band. And getting his attention will stretch the resources of anyone – even someone as clever and resourceful as Edna.
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This is a work full of questions. Asked by young people. Answered by adults. Performed inside a theatre-turned-playground-turned-battleground and delivered by Generation Up Next. Watch as age collides with experience and adults take a backseat as a powerful gang of 9-13-year-olds drop some hard truths… and the mic.
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One quiet night, the street lights flicker out and plunge the world into darkness. A "lights out" party in Royal Park is announced, and every kid in town makes their way there to celebrate this strange occurrence.
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Follow Me Home is an insightful theatre production by award-winning playwright Lewis Treston. Presented as a series of vignettes, the play reveals the real stories of a group of extraordinarily strong, resilient and courageous young people.
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We grow up being lied to. Often for good reasons - so we can believe in something magical, to believe we can be whoever we want to be, or to shield us from pain. This is about those moments. When a lie is told, and the truth is revealed, in that moment something is discovered, something that will change you forever, something that cannot be unlearned.
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The year is 2079. Humans are created with gene selection technology, Artificial Intelligence is part of everyday life and children’s best friends are their Learning Bots. Except for Jerry. Jerry is not like the others. Neither is Neutron Finch, an exceptionally clever Learning Bot who seems to appear out of nowhere. He is smarter than most Bots, funnier and also possibly illegal.
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Antarctica. A blizzard. Eight schoolkids are stranded in a shack, on the bottom of the world, with a sinister force circling outside… Our young explorers, in the ghostly footsteps of Ernest Shackleton, question their place in the natural and social order of the world as the limits of their courage are pushed into unchartered waters. Safety (and sanity) seems to be drifting farther and farther away.
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