Industry Studio

18-26 Workshops


Each year ATYP engages a small group of Australia’s elite actors and directors to teach a series of intensive courses for participants aged 18-26.

The ATYP Industry Studio provides participants the chance to work with leading industry figures, with some former tutors including actors Darren Gilshenan (Bell Shakespeare, The Moodys, ABCTV), Josh McConville (STC, Bell Shakespeare), Anita Hegh (STC, Janet King, ABCTV), Sarah Goodes (MTC, STC), Chris Ryan (Sport for Jove, Bell Shakespeare), John Bashford (Head of Acting, NIDA) and Fraser Corfield (Artistic Director, ATYP), Jessica Arthur (Resident Director, STC) and Lachlan Phillpot. 

Courses range from our popular Creating Your Own Work (for writers or directors), to shorter courses to develop skills in performance, voice and movement, devising and so much more.