Since the beginning of 2020 alone, philanthropy has helped:


An ATYP commissioned research report has found that youth theatre has positive impacts on mental health wellbeing, reductions in anxiety and resilience building. The survey looked at seven wellbeing markers for young people, revealing that involvement in youth theatre strengthens lifelong skills including interpersonal and team work skills. It surveyed more than 1,200 ATYP participants, parents, alumni and other stakeholders.


We work closely with our partner charities the Girls and Boys Brigade, Asylum Seekers Centre, Captivate, The Fact Tree Youth Service and the Smith Family to identify young people most in need and award scholarships to those who face disadvantage and who otherwise would not have access to the performing arts.

Our scholarship program has been changing the lives of young people for years. 

For some, the program acts as a  pathway to other opportunity;  many past scholarship recipients have gone on to establish fantastic careers in the arts industry, such as alumna Rebel Wilson, who recalls enrolling in an ATYP to help overcome her “shyness” and quickly discovered a pathway to her professional career. Rebel describes “loving being part of a community of creative individuals” about her experience of coming to ATYP’s venue in Walsh Bay. For others, our workshops simply provide a space for making friends, expression and fun. 

‘This was my first time at ATYP. It is great fun and an amazing experience for all ages. I love how people can learn new things from these workshops and meet new people from all over Sydney. At ATYP there are a wide range of personalities and people you can learn from. My tutor was amazing and taught me and everyone else at the workshop amazing and new techniques with acting and performing… I am very grateful and count myself very lucky to be among those who have had this experience.’

Scholarship Recipient (Year 8)