Looking for Alibrandi Review

06.10.22 It is always tricky taking on the challenge of adapting a much-loved modern classic, because you are destined to disappoint someone. Jennifer Vuletic in Looking for Alibrandi, 2022. Photo by Daniel Boud © Looking for Alibrandi, a famous book and film, is now a play produced by Belvoir St…

The Lifespan of a Fact Review

03.10.22 Is there an ambiguous grey area or multi faceted element to the ideals surrounding ‘truth’? What constitutes this and can it be up to each individual’s own interpretation? Sydney Theatre Company brings us The Lifespan of a Fact, delving into these morally unsure, yet extremely prevalent questions – all…

Chalkface Review

ATYP’s reviewing program was created to give young people a platform to voice their opinions and experiences while developing skills in critical reflection. The views expressed are those of the writer and do not reflect the views of ATYP or its staff. 21.09.22 Anna (Stephanie Somerville) is a 22-year-old freshly…

The Monologue Collective Review

19.10.22 Created by Laneikka Denne, and supported by KXT and PYT Fairfield, The Monologue Collective is a selection of monologues written and performed by young people. The collective started after Laneikka noticed that many high school students struggled to find monologues for their HSC that accurately reflect the experience of…

The Impact of Young Voices on Generational Change

The Impact of Young Voices on Generational Change by Jack Walton Our society faces a sea of social issues constantly bombarding our everyday lives. These are complex issues that don’t have easy solutions. If we want our society to flourish for generations to come, space needs to be made to…

Announcing 2023 at ATYP

Welcome to November. It’s the month we start to see the end in sight for the slightly ridiculous year that 2022 has been and look forward to the new opportunities that 2023 will bring.  In 2023 ATYP is celebrating a birthday. Australia’s oldest theatre company will be 60 years young! …