I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You review

Chloe in I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You. Photo by Tracey Schramm. I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You is not a show… it’s a giant, intergenerational game of ‘Kahoot’ that gets you laughing, nodding and blushing in embarrassment. It’s all too real for an audience member of any age, ethnicity,…

Jali review

Oliver Twist and Jennifer Jackson. Photo by Estelle Yoon. Jali: noun: a West African historian, storyteller, praise singer, poet, or musician. This week the Griffin SBW Stables Theatre opened its doors after a forced year-long (to the day) COVID-19 spurred hiatus, and with an excellent choice of show to open…

The Martin-Lysicrates Prize 2021

MARTIN-LYSICRATES PRIZE 2021 ATYP was proud to partner once again with The Lysicrates Foundation and Riverside Theatres to present the exciting Martin-Lysicrates Prize 2021. THIS YEAR’S WINNER We are delighted to announce the winner of this year’s prize is Madelaine Nunn, for her play Seeing Double. Maddie will now receive a full…

Playing Beatie Bow review

Sofia Nolan, Catherine Văn-Davies, and Rory O’Keeffe in Playing Beatie Bow. Photo by Daniel Boud. STC has returned to its home in The Wharf with a love letter to a theatre space sorely missed these last few years. Playing Beatie Bow seems to wander from the streets of The Rocks…

March Madness – in the best way! 🤪

Lucy McNabb, Marketing and Communications Manager Hello ATYP-eople! Lucy here, one day away from celebrating my first month as Marketing and Communications Manager! By way of introduction, here are some things I’m loving right now:  Dua Lipa. No further explanations required.  Allens have just released a sour edition of their…

ArtsLab: Unreliable Witness review

Photography by Joshua Morris, design overlay by David Molloy. pollon by Eliza Scott So here we are: it’s 2021, I’ve come out of theatre reviewing retirement and what a time it is for the Sydney theatre scene. The work I’m seeing at the moment is the most relevant and exciting…