Nowhere Fast Review

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Nowhere Fast follows a group of co-workers who have never really gotten along. While facing death, they uncover their deep feelings and emotions about the life they have.

Ruby Lewis-Millar in Nowhere Fast, 2023. Photo by Gemma Hudson ©

All of the actors were able to accurately portray the character they had and captured just enough emotion to make the audience feel bad for them. Their energy and passion are what truly changed how we felt about each character. All of the actors were well-energised and you could tell that they were passionate about providing an amazing theatre experience for their audience.

Throughout Nowhere Fast all of the characters were at the right spot at the right time. You were able to see all of the character’s facial expressions and movements that individually affect the scene and how we view the character’s personalities.

Ruby Lewis-Millar and Jadzia Stronell in Nowhere Fast, 2023. Photo by Gemma Hudson ©

I think that there should have been more depth about Ed’s life before he got to this point. I would have loved to learn more about why he is who he is and if there was any trauma that provided him with such negative thoughts. However, I do think that all of the other characters had a perfect amount of depth considering their role and the character’s personality.

When I entered, I was greeted by lovely staff members and a very welcoming set. It was a simple set but had so much meaning to it. There were so many little details that made the set look like a real office. Between the post-it notes and rubbish in the bin, you could tell they had put effort into making it look as real as possible. The result of that exceeded my expectations and made it look like a friendly office instead of a cold stage.

Michael Sebastian in Nowhere Fast, 2023. Photo by Gemma Hudson ©

As an audience member, you can tell that Nowhere Fast is a well thought play that has had lots of dedication and time put into it. All of the scenes were joined together perfectly which resulted in the effect of feeling like you’re watching over a real-life event.

I believe that these actors were amazing choices for the characters and I hope that the entire crew behind the production are proud of themselves, which they should be.


Jess, 12 [she/her]

SUDS’ Nowhere Fast plays at the Cellar Theatre until the 28th April. Buy tickets here.