Albion Review

13.08.22 Set in a decaying historical garden, Albion tells the story of an upper-class woman doing her best to save what was once, in her eyes, glorious. Capturing the audience and holding them in a thickened state of tension, Albion manages to take long dialogue scenes and transform them into…

Whitefella Yella Tree Review

29.08.22 Sometimes a show is just so good that it reminds you why you fell in love with theatre in the first place. Whitefella Yella Tree is such a show.  Callan Purcell and Guy Simon in Whitefella Yella Tree, 2022. Photo: Brett Boardman © Two young boys meet under a…

What’s on in September!

Hello, ATYP, this is Martha speaking! Coming at you from the front desk of our office at Pier 2/3, I’m Martha – the receptionist with the mostest. I have the pleasure of being ATYP’s Administration Trainee, meaning I’m across everything from phone calls and grocery shopping to running the YABbies…

Tell Me I’m Here Review

25.08.22 Is every story a good one for the stage? After seeing Belvoir St Theatre’s Tell Me I’m Here, an adaptation of Anne Deveson’s classic Australian family memoir, I am just not sure.  Nadine Garner & Tom Conroy in Tell Me I’m Here. Photo by Brett Boardman. There is a…

How To Defend Yourself Review

18.08.22 Content warning: How To Defend Yourself contains themes of sexual assault and violence against women. How To Defend Yourself, written by Lillian Padilla, made its Australian debut this month at the Old Fitz Theatre with Outhouse Theatre Company and Redline Productions.  Georgia Anderson and Saro Lepejian in How To…

Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Review

19.08.22 In the empty, towering black box of the Roslyn Packer Theatre, a large lonely square screen sits, awaiting for its cue. Ewen Leslie in Sydney Theatre Company’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, 2022. Photo: Daniel Boud © Suddenly a young innocent lawyer, Gabriel Utterson (Matthew Backer),…