What’s on in December 🎁

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays!

I’m Ellie and since July I have had the privilege of completing an internship at ATYP as part of my work abroad year at the University of Exeter in the UK where I am studying Drama. You may have seen me around Pier 2/3 where I have been able to get involved with all things ATYP through my role as an Intern. Most recently I was Assistant Stage Manager on our Young Industry Studio production of Shack, which performed to sold-out audiences and was an absolute hit! 

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how quickly December has come around! Our Christmas Appeal, Help Keep Stars Shining, launched last week so be sure to check out our socials for weekly updates throughout December. This year we are raising money towards ATYP’s Scholarship Fund which supports inclusion and ensures our programs are accessible for young people facing disadvantage. 

Speaking of Christmas, I am super excited to be experiencing my first warm Christmas in many years! My family will be flying out and we will be heading up the coast to catch some gorgeous Australian sun you all keep telling me about. Although I’m not too sure how well I am going to cope with the impending temperatures of January and February! But not to worry, our first production of 2023, The Resistance, will take my mind off of it… or maybe not! 

In fantastic news, tickets for The Resistance are now on sale! The Resistance is sure to be a production like no other! A host of young people take us on a journey set in the arena of the climate justice movement and social media. The Resistance is a giant protest rally exploring the power of friendship, the pain of ambition and the deliciousness of potato chips. If you’re like me and are leaving your Christmas shopping to the last minute, why not give your loved ones an ATYP show gift voucher this year which can be used towards The Resistance or any of our upcoming productions! 

December continues to be an exciting month with the National Cultural Policy anticipated to be released on the 12th. In the most recent National Youth Performing Arts Sector meeting we heard from Georgie McClean (Executive Director for Development and Strategic Partnerships at the Australia Council) who told us that the importance of young people and their voices has been well and truly heard within the submissions!

Looking ahead to January, our Summer School Holiday Drama Workshops are just around the corner! Kicking off at the start of the month we have four action-packed weeks sure to keep you entertained. Head over to our website to book your space now before they sell out! 

I hope my introduction has got you excited for the month ahead and the New Year! I wish you all a lovely Summer Holidays and I look forward to seeing you back at ATYP in 2023 (with my new Christmas tan!) 

All the best,
Ellie x