Protests, Parties, and Pride 🌈

Hello, and welcome to another month at ATYP! 

My name is Bec, and I am ATYP’s Digital Communications and Engagement Coordinator. So if you were wondering who keeps emailing you newsletters every month – that would be me! We’re heading into a busy February at ATYP and it is fantastic to see so much wonderful activity happening across the board. 

First and foremost, HAPPY WORLDPRIDE 🌈 As a proud member of the Queer community I am ecstatic to see what organisations across Sydney have on offer for WorldPride and EVEN MORE excited for the WorldPride programs that ATYP is offering! 

Our first production for 2023, The Resistance, opens in less than TWO WEEKS! Set in the area of the climate justice movement, this is an innovative must-see piece of theatre that will have you cackling for 90 minutes straight. Pride started as a protest and has now evolved into a worldwide party – a concept that is echoed in The Resistance, taking the movement of ‘Protest to Party’ and turning it into a fantastic, interactive production that is fun for everyone. 

It’s fantastic to see so many talented young performers back in the building as weekly classes have started for semester 1. Our workshop participants will be building their skills over the semester and developing a performance piece for the end-of-semester showcase (which I cannot wait to watch). 

Speaking of talented young people, our STORIES FROM THE HEART workshops as part of Sydney WorldPride have begun! We had some incredible applications and it was extremely hard to choose only a few, but we have picked eight incredible young people to be part of this program that have unique (and frankly, really cool) ideas and performances. 

The incredible Fresh Ink National Mentoring Program for emerging writers is also back for 2023! Running in four states, this writing program is an incredible opportunity for young people to gain skills and experience, and of course, build their theatre network. Keep your eyes peeled for when applications open this month 👀

And if you are aged 13-26 and haven’t applied for our Youth Advisory Body (first of all, why?), you might want to get to it. Applications for our 2023 YABbies program close on 20 March and this is a program you don’t want to miss out on! 

That’s all from me (for now…), I look forward to seeing many of your lovely faces around the venue. Hope you all have a gay Pride month xx 

Lukewarm regards,
Bec Herkess x