Sugarland provides a glimpse into a teenage Australia that feels like a foreign country. This haunting new play will make you pause, make you smile, make you wonder how much can be real.

Erica’s Dad is in the RAAF so her life gets a transplant every few years. Now she’s in year eleven she’s stopped trying to fit in. What does it matter; she’ll be out of there in a few years anyway. Nina’s good at school but that’s not important. She needs a house to live in. And she needs it soon.  She’s been living at her Auntie’s so she can go to school in town, but that’s not working out.

The only thing Erica and Nina have in common is the music they listen to. Sometimes that’s enough.

Inspiring and award-winning, the national youth theatre company, ATYP,  is excited to present the world premiere season of a brand new Australian work inspired by the young people of Katherine in the Northern Territory.

In 2011, playwrights Rachael Coopes (Art House) and Wayne Blair (The Sapphire, Bloodland, The Gods of Wheat Street) engaged in a series of residencies in the town of Katherine (NT). The aim was to create a story that would allow audiences around the country to gain a personal understanding of what life is like growing up in remote Australia.

Iconic composer and actor David Page (Bangarra Dance Theatre) makes his directing debut collaborating with ATYP’s Artistic Director Fraser Corfield. Sugarland was presented back to the community of Katherine before opening at the Darwin Festival in August 2014 and has now transferred to ATYP in Sydney for a 3 week season.


Cast & Creative Team

Narek Arman, Michael Cameron, Rachael Coopes, Elena Foreman, Hunter Page-Lochard, Dubs Yunupingu.

Rachael Coopes with Wayne Blair

David Page & Fraser Corfield

Set Design
Jacob Nash

Costume Design
Ruby Langton-Batty

Lighting Design
Juz McGuire

Sound Design
Guy Webster

Commissioned by
Australian Theatre for Young People


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