M.Rock is a magical new play, based on a true story, about the enduring joys of music, dancing and self-discovery. The generation gap just got tighter. Lachlan Philpott is one of the country’s hottest writers, rocketing into the Sydney theatre landscape with the success of Silent Disco for ATYP and the Griffin Theatre Company in 2011.

In his distinctive language, Philpott charts the fortunes of 18-year-old Tracy and her grandmother Mabel. Tracy has just finished school, she’s bought a round-the-world ticket and is flying away to soak up experiences. By contrast, Mabel is stable. She plays piano for The Players, knits for the African appeal and looks after Hilda’s cat.

A co-production with Sydney Theatre Company and directed by Fraser Corfield, M.Rock features Valerie Bader (Australia Day) as the intrepid septuagenarian, as well as a live DJ pumping the energy of the dance floor into the veins of the theatre. Enjoy a delightfully fresh, inter-generational theatre experience that challenges taboos and assumptions about age.

M Rock was developed with the assistance of Playwriting Australia at the 2013 National Play Festival

Cast & Creative Team

Valerie Bader, Joshua Brennan, Madeleine Jones, Brandon McClelland and Clementine Mills

Lachlan Philpott

Fraser Corfield

Adrienn Lord

Lighting Designer
Benjamin Cisterne

Commissioned by
Australian Theatre for Young People

Presented by
ATYP &  Sydney Theatre Company


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