I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You review

Chloe in I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You. Photo by Tracey Schramm.

I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You is not a show… it’s a giant, intergenerational game of ‘Kahoot’ that gets you laughing, nodding and blushing in embarrassment. It’s all too real for an audience member of any age, ethnicity, gender, sexuality as it speaks to us on a fundamental level. And what better crowd to hear it from than the troopers of our future. I was so keen to see the faces and talents of our youth but I must say that YOU ALL completely smashed my expectations and made me want to be your best friend and join in on the fun.

The stage is electric from start to finish with energy, individuality and sass… but it’s not all fun and games. I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You has the perfect amount of light and shade. As the curtain drops, the performers take us through the deeper things in life. Once the ice has been broken, what really keeps you up at night? These important discussions are backed by an absolutely stunning line up of visuals, facilitated with admirable patience and attention to detail. The show ends with very personal and intimate audience participation that doesn’t let anyone sneak under the radar, so be prepared to return the bravery.

Aisata in I’ve Been Meaning To Ask You. Photo by Tracey Schramm.

I shared a post today on my social media that said “be who you needed when you were younger”. I say without a doubt in my mind, that a strong group of fearless and unapologetic pre-teens and teens with the perfect amount of maturity was sadly missing from my list of inspirations. I am so grateful for the likes of ATYP to be providing a pedestal and microphone to fresh and emerging voices with proactive ideas. I encourage all future troopers to see this show as it has the potential to bond us all together and empower us to be the change we want to see in the world. To become a ‘giant’ and reach every potential we dream of succeeding.

Anjelica Murdaca, 20 (She/Her)

ATYP’s production of I’ve Been Meaning to Ask You, created by The Good Room and presented by Riverside Theatres and Critical stages is playing at the Riverside Theatre until March 20. Book your tickets here.