Victoria Zerbst – Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission Blog 2

The Marathon to Musical Situation I submitted my first draft ten days ago. It feels like a fever; like it never happened. But I do want to go back now to those last two weeks and remind myself how challenging they actually were. So I, you know, don’t trick myself…

CASTING CALL – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander performers

CASTING CALL Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) is the national youth theatre company. We exist to connect young people with the professional theatre industry locally, regionally and nationally. ATYP’s Education team, in partnership with the University of Sydney, is producing a series of educational videos designed to demonstrate how…

Spring into action – in person! 🌱

Welcome to Spring! In keeping with the vibe of 2020, this Spring has a faint whiff of the ‘unprecedented’ about it. It was comedian Robin Williams who said: “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” This year the mantra might be more along the lines of: “Spring is nature’s…

ATYP’s August reads and recommendations

ATYP’s August reads and recommendations We asked you answered. Here’s what ATYP staff are reading at the moment, plus your recommendations! Jane Persuasion by Jane Austen Written at the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Persuasion is a tale of love, heartache and the determination of one woman as she strives…

Read, Greet, Act, Repeat 🙌

I’m in my last few weeks with ATYP before I sign off for a year to welcome a new little boy into our family. And by that, I mean both my family and my ATYP family. I can bring him into rehearsals and workshops before he can walk or talk, can’t…

Victoria Zerbst – Rebel Wilson Comedy Commission Blog 1

Firing up The First Draft  Right now, I’m in the ecstatically creative (if not daunting) phase of writing a musical wherein I get to throw everything I have at the wall and then see what sticks before my first draft is due in September. One of the most exciting features…