Production Support

“I had never seen theatre that centered itself on the issues of young Australians and our dynamic relationships with our peers. The modern-day vernacular reflected our generation; the play reflected the untold reality of my peers that I sat with – from a rural, low-socioeconomic, Indigenous background.”
– Audience Member
ATYP Productions are synonymous with quality and set a high standard of what youth theatre can achieve. By striving for excellence, our productions champion the talents, assumptions, expectations and stereotypes of what Australian youth theatre is capable of.
Our stellar productions inspire the young people who are seeing actors their age on stage, reflecting their lived experiences authentically and theatrically.
In response to our IMPACT EVALUATION REPORT, 85{6f931a86a8629d41f956a82e2d8352b47f872402f5bad8ae10d8825e37ed87eb} of respondents were prompted to empathise with another person’s perspective by engaging with theatre and 82{6f931a86a8629d41f956a82e2d8352b47f872402f5bad8ae10d8825e37ed87eb} are prompted to think about issues affecting young people today.
Delivering productions come at a significant cost and with our tickets priced to make sure anyone can come to the theatre, we do not make a profit.
Play your part in bringing brilliant stories and captivating performances to stage and help to nurture the next generation of Australia’s theatrical talent.
  • $100 Printing of scripts for production cast
  • $500 Contribution towards buying and making costumes
  • $1,500 Significant contribution to building set on small scale production
  • $20,000 Average cost of the creative development of a new play