Welcome to winter

There is a chill in the air, the days are definitely getting shorter but the world is starting to slowly open up again. June is here and we are nearly halfway through a MASSIVE 2020, and ATYP has a bunch of great things going on for all the young (and young at heart) to be a part of.

It’s the time of year when we ask for your support. The ATYP Annual Appeal raises vital funds to keep delivering our programs and when it comes to donations we think SIZE DOESN’T MATTER. Visit the Annual Appeal page to see the campaign and, if you can, please donate today.

Our July Holiday workshops program is open for enrolment. We have the holiday drama workshops that you know and love – just online! Participants will get to connect with a skilled ATYP tutor and their classmates in an interactive online space from the safety of their home. Play drama games, learn story-telling skills, develop characters and create a performance online that you can share with your family and friends.

Theatres may still be closed, but ATYP Home Theatre brings the show to your lounge room (or kitchen, or bathroom… wherever!). With an amazing selection of five-minute scripts from some of Australia’s best playwrights on offer, choose your favourite, get rehearsing, and record your best performance with your family and friends. Send it through to us and become the stars of the ATYP YouTube channel.

We’re also excited to announce that our Sparkly Sh*t Scratch nights have grown and evolved into an amazing new online opportunity! Working with Nightingale Content we are proud to introduce RoomWorks. We will match 10 writers with 10 performers to create and perform new monologues online! Applications open from 8 June to be a part of the first event so keep an eye on our website.

We also have new content coming to our ATYP On Demand Platform (so if you are teacher or a student and you haven’t signed up – what are you waiting for?)

All just business as usual when business has become a bit unusual really! We can’t wait to see you (online or maybe even in person) this June.

Claudene Shoesmith
Workshops Coordinator