ATYP Annual Appeal 2020

By supporting ATYP’s core activities, you will not only help the company to allocate funds where they are most needed, but also ensures that we can continue delivering drama programs that are proven to impact positively on well-being, resilience, interpersonal skills and communication skills in young Australians.

Tickets available

Minimum Price: $2.00



A few months ago a microscopic thing made a massive impact on all of our lives. It made our world closed and small. And throughout this time ATYP has been working hard to make sure that your world and that of your kids stays big, open and inspiring.

But to keep our world big and exciting we need your support. Today ATYP launches our 2020 Annual Appeal to ask for your help. And we just want to be clear…

Size Doesn’t Matter.

Right now that means the size of your donation! We know many families are having a tough time but if you can spare $50 or $200 or $1000 we are thankful for your much-needed support. Big or small.

As always, ATYP is committed to ensuring our programs are available to kids and young people across the country so we will keep working on our programs, teaching drama participants online and planning for the time we can all share a performance again in a theatre.

Small steps to big dreams.

Create something great.
Claim your $100 Creative Kids voucher today.

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, you can redeem your voucher with us and let your child develop new skills. Enrol them in a new activity so they can create something great. Please call the office on (02) 9270 2400 to redeem your voucher today.

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