Through the tangle of upturned shopping trolleys and makeshift cardboard housing we see jars. Empty jars with light emitting from the inside.

The cover of a manhole starts to shift, slides across the brown sludge floor and a beautiful glowing jar is pushed to the surface. A small hand, then an arm – a girl pulls herself to the surface. She picks up the jar, holds it to her chest and looks at us. Right at us.

And so began the proposal that won the 2014 ATYP Foundation Commission Award. This captivating
new play by Sara West transplants us to a dangerous world where the most important commodity is light. But for The Trolleys, the kids on the outskirts of town, the light in their jars is fading and they don’t know why. There is only a little time left. No one wants to live in the dark.

The ATYP Foundation was established to commission plays for actors aged between 10 and 13. The scripts are published by Playlab so they can be purchased by schools and youth theatres around the country. This production is a must for young artists and audiences. Come and see the play young people around the country will be performing for years to come.

The trolleys is a great play that has a great message


Young actors illuminate key themes of life


The trolleys burns with a gentle, compelling glow as it softly illuminates a path to reflection for any audience, young or old.


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Cast & Creative Team

Sara West

Danielle O’Keefe

Laura Buntin
Grace Campbell
Finbar Clayton
Coco Jack Gillies
Kiri Jensen
Max Mulvenney
Daniel Page
Harry Straw
Noah Sturzaker
Amelia Warburton
Scarlett Waters

Melanie Liertz

Lighting Designer
Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Sound Designer
Sam Weller

Sound Design Mentor
Steve Francis

Assistant Director
Rowan Bate

Stage Manager
Michael J Cornford

Jennifer Medway

Image Credit

Luke Stambouliah

Production Images
Tracey Schramm

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