We hit Cairo like a train! … Every dirty little alley, every dusty back room bar – the pyramids are marvelous, but I could spend the rest of my days quite happily in the arms of your temptation.

Based on the State Library of NSW’s jaw-dropping collection of First World War diaries, photographs and letters. A Town Called War Boy brings to life the personal accounts of the young men and women that set sail for the far side of the world. Their exploits are our history. Their sacrifices are the stories we grow up with: the ANZAC legend.

Some of these diaries and letters are finished, others just stop. When you read them you meet the person, see the changes in their hand writing, feel the indentation of the pen, the smudges of changed thoughts. Our young past is captured, alive and preserved.

Award winning playwright Ross Mueller shows his extraordinary talent in this new Australian play that connects young men three generations apart.

Developed and presented in partnership with the State Library of NSW

Amid the hundreds of millions spent on the Anzac centenary, the Australian Theatre for Young People has created what for us has been the most moving Anzac experience of all.

The Australian

A Town Named War Boy presents an amalgamation of art and history that acts as a pertinent reminder of the horrors Australians endured for us 100 years ago.

absolute theatre

Actors Joshua Brennan, Simon Crocker, Brandon McClelland and Edward McKenna vigorously bring the Anzac experience to life.

The Sydney Morning Herald

A compelling and touching piece, paying tribute to the sacrifice of the ANZACs and bringing their stories to life in a raw and honest light.

Aussie Theatre

Cast & Creative Team

Simon Croker, Eddie McKenna, Josh McElroy and Ryan Morgan

Adrienn Lord

Assistant Directors
Lisa Mumford and Julia Patey

Lighting Design
Emma Lockhart-Wilson

Steve Francis

Sound Design
Alistair Wallace

Image Credit

John Tsiavis

Production Images
Tracey Schramm

Past Productions