Follow Me Home


Sometimes theatre entertains us, taking us to a place of imagination and wonder. Sometimes it educates, giving us an insight into a world that is fascinating and unfamiliar. When it does both these things it creates that rare magic that leaves audiences inspired and informed. It’s theatre that’s powerful, engaging, imaginative, and leaves us a little transformed. That’s the territory of Follow Me Home.

Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP), the national youth theatre company, is recognised around the world for taking the stories of young people to the national stage. For this project, ATYP has teamed up with the Office for the Advocate of Children and Young People (ACYP) to look into the lives of young people who experience homelessness. Developed in consultation with young people from across NSW, Follow Me Home explores the extraordinary lives of those who move among us unseen.

Produced in association with the Advocate for Children and Young People (ACYP) and presented by Riverside Theatres.

Follow Me Home is supported by the James N Kirby Foundation.



“Follow Me Home succeeds in its intention to demystify the complexities of youth homelessness, and urges the audience to question their own role in a culture that often looks beyond those who need someone to listen.” Playwave


“As a Brisbane viewer who had seen a live production at ATYP I often speak of your company to my class so the opportunity to watch a live stream is SO appreciated. I thought it was a fantastic experience. My students don’t get the chance to see much live theatre so was great for them to get an idea of what it is like.”
Drama Teacher, Brisbane, Qld

“Thank you ATYP for providing our school with the opportunity to see quality live theatre performed by young actors. It was an invaluable experience for my students! The production was exemplary in its treatment of youth homelessness, opening this topic up for numerous discussions with my students. My students were so happy to participate in the live Q&A and the young actors ability to articulate their acting processes as well as listen to how the actors approached such a taboo topic. We are so far from Sydney so thank you for making this experience so accessible for our students.”
Drama Teacher, Qld


Season 2019

Season: 29—31 May


Wed—Sat 11am and 7.45pm


Lennox Theatre
Riverside Theatres, Parramatta


75 mins


Recommended 15+


02 8839 3399

“I’ve never told my friends about my story… being homeless, you can’t talk about it.“—

ATYP has fostered a space for young voices to be heard, and young performers to showcase the strength, resilience and joy that exists within all young people.” Playwave

Cast & Creative Team

Lewis Treston

Fraser Corfield

Set/Costume Design
Aleisa Jelbart

Lighting Design
Martin Kinnane

Sound Design
Kailesh Reitmans

Stage Manager
Madelaine Osborne

Production Manager
Sorie Bangura

Assistant Stage Manager
Jules Orcullo

Laneikka Denne, Jordan Dulieu, Jasper Lee-Lindsay and Sofia Nolan

Image Credit

Art Director
Justin Stambouliah

Luke Stambouliah

Make Up
Sophia Lee

Image subject
Caitlin Burley