April Aardvark


EZ and his gang of bullies have created a fake social media account to inflict torment and misery on their fellow students. The account’s name, “April Aardvark”, echoes through the halls with fear and confusion. The gang is smugly satisfied with the results, until the day a student shows up to class claiming to be April Aardvark. She is the living, breathing manifestation of the account – a mean, obscene insult machine. She spreads chaos through the school, turning student against student and bully against bully. But is she really who she claims to be? And if so, how can she be stopped?

Only one thing is certain – she is the greatest bully that ever lived.


The ATYP Foundation Commissions invest in work for young people to perform. Developed by ATYP and published by Playlab, we are creating a canon of work for young actors aged between 10 and 13. This is your chance to see this exciting new Australian work before it goes on to be performed by schools and youth theatres around the country.

Season 2019

Previews: 16—18 Oct
Season: 18—26 Oct


Wed—Sat 7pm
Sun 5pm
Matinee Wed and Fri 11.30am
Live Stream 23 Oct 1pm


SBW Stables Theatre
10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross


60 mins


Recommended 8+


02 9361 3817

To everyone’s horror, she is the greatest bully that ever lived!

Charlotte Eriksson

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Schools Matinees
Wednesdays & Fridays, 11:30am

Live Stream
Wed 23rd Oct, 1pm

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Cast & Creative Team

Nathaniel Moncrieff

Amy Hardingham

Jane FitzGerald

Stephanie Howe

Lighting Design
Kelsey Lee

Sound Design Mentor
Steve Francis

Sound Design (Artology Secondment)
Daniel Duque

Production Manager
Sorie Bangura

Stage Manager
Jana Vass

Assistant Director
Heather Campbell

Assistant Production Manager
Jodi Rabinowitz

Assistant Stage Manager
Jamie Bebb


Olivia Everingham, Marley Kirkbank-Ellis, Harper Lynch, Miles Pike, Tobias Purcell, Jasper Reucassel, Carmen Rolfe, Lily Sauran, Lucinda Slattery, Eva Sutherland, Jasper Whittet and Alani Winn.

Image Credit

Art Director
Justin Stambouliah

Luke Stambouliah

Make Up
Sophia Lee

Image subject
Tobias Purcell

ATYP is proud to partner with Artology on this production.

Each year one of Artology‘s Fanfare winners is selected to create the sound design for the ATYP Foundation Commission production under the mentorship of award-winning composer Steve Francis. The 2019 recipient is Daniel Duque and he will help create the score for ATYP’s production April Aardvark. Working alongside industry experts, his music will be professionally recorded and used for each performance of the season.

2019 Productions