The Dwarf Revue 2


As atyp’s Golden Jubilee year draws to a close, we encourage you to put on your party frock and glam up one last time. It’s time to go back to where it all began. Ah yes, 1963. The world was exposed to diet cola, Australia stopped testing nuclear weapons on itself and we decided a beehive was something wonderful!

Wave a fond farewell the 2013, and relive the best bits of the last 50 years as the funny folk of the Dwarf Revue are let loose in Studio 1. It’s a flashback that won’t leave you traumatised… or at least, not too traumatised.

Cast & Creative Team

David Wiernik
Rhianne Evelyn-Ross
Alicia Badger
Shanae Subritzky
Bronwyn Hicks
James Burchett
Annie Schofield
Rueben Morrison-Greet
Michelle McCowage
Lukasz Embart
Ben Freeman
Oliver Adill-Kong
Claire De Mellow

David Harmon

Assistant Director
Ash Kurrle

Light Designer
Michael Twomey

Kate Campbell

Sound Designer
Ash Walker

Past Productions