To kick off their 50th Anniversary year, ATYP are very proud to present Out of Place, the third instalment of their critically acclaimed and highly successful program, The Voices Project. Developed to nurture and showcase the talents of Australia’s best young playwrights, Out of Place is a night of dazzling monologues performed by some of Sydney’s most exciting young actors.

Out of Place is a celebration of the diversity of teenage Australian experiences as characters find themselves caught outside their comfort zone. The Market Brolosopher looks at the bravado of a young man at a market stall giving tips on how to work cultural difference to a sales advantage. Private Research is a light hearted look at a young Muslim Australian woman’s difficulties negotiating sex education, while Red Panda finds a schoolgirl caught off guard when she sees a photo of her great grandfather in a museum’s cultural exhibit. The cast features seven young actors who have been in ATYP productions previously and three newcomers who were selected from over 80 auditioned actors.

Anyone interested in the future of Australian theatre should be keeping an eye firmly trained on youth theatre; anyone interested in the future of Australian Theatre should be watching ATYP.

Aussie Theatre

Cast & Creative Team

Georgia Brindley
Lucy Coleman
Rosie Connolly
Sean Marshall
Mia Morrissey
Claudia Osborne
Patrick Richards
Charlotte Tilelli
Angela Tran
Karim Zreika

Paige Rattray

Assistant Director
Camilla Turnbull

Stage Manager
Victor Areces

Set/Props Designer
Lauren Flaherty

Lx Designer
Ross Graham

Sound Designer
Tom Hogan

Image Credit

Production Images
Olivia Martin-McGuire

Past Productions