Delilah has things on her mind. While her parents spit venom at one another, she’s in her room hanging out with friends, recording new ringtones, talking Harry Potter and planning her 13th birthday party. She’s also developing a crush on their 21-year-old tenant. Surely something this exciting can’t be bad. Love’s never simple.

This blistering debut written by Anya Reiss when she was just 17, premiered at The Royal Court (London) to critical acclaim. A chilling examination of family politics and the confusion of adolescence, Spur of the Moment examines the way we grow, parent and mature, here, now.

My jaw drops. This is the most accomplished debut from a young playwright I have ever had the pleasure to see

The Telegraph

Cast & Creative Team

Joshua Brennan
Zoe Carides
Simone Cheuanghane
Madeleine Clunies-Ross
Holly Fraser
Antonia Lewin
Felix Williamson

Fraser Corfield

Asst. Director
Sophie Kelly

Set and Costume Design
Adrienn Lord

Asst Design
Dugal Parker

Lighting Design
Ben Cisterne

Sound Design
Steve Francis

Image Credit

Production Images
Olivia Martin-McGuire

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