A head-on collision between contemporary performance and history created by young people in collaboration with some of Sydney’s most exciting theatre artists and staged in some of Sydney’s most unique locations.

Quay to the City is a walking tour event which will take you on a theatrical adventure through Sydney’s oldest and most fascinating suburb – The Rocks. It works like this. Pick up your ticket and map at our pop up box office in The Rocks, then, find your own way around, stopping along the way to enjoy short theatrical performances in unique historical locations.

…intriguing…especially for kids, who will find themselves face to face with performers their own age relating the childhood experiences of another century.

The Sydney Morning Herald

A really fun night out. Not just for kids. Highly recommended.

Janice Muller

Cast & Creative Team

Alex Tutton, Blake Hurford, Brit Dell, Claire Guiffe, Cole Scott-Curwood, Daisy Willow, Erin Davoren, Gabriela Melocco, Hal Conyngham, Henry Vo, Holly Riva Moore, Iris Simpson, Isobel Mosse-Robinson, Kate Buxton, Kira Swift, Liam J. Phelan, Linda Corazza, Maddy Calcott, Matthew Friedman, Max Kuehn, Miles Sizer, Monica Assaf, Olivia Regueira Garcia, Phillipa Dracakis, Rebecca Cuttance, Sezgin Aygun, Sylvie Woodhouse, Tovia Jakovsky-Coleman, Vaishnavi Suryyaprakash

Project Curator
Janice Muller

Creative Artists
Danielle O’Keefe
Michael Pigott
Cristabel Sved
Patrick Thaiday
David Williams

Image Credit

Production Images
Olivia Martin-McGuire

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