Spring has Sprung

Welcome to Spring!

Now, usually the ATYP team would be greeting this change of season with some form of floral, musical tribute – possibly involving a caftan and some fairy wings. But there’s a sombre overtone this week. Amy Maiden, the hostess with the most-ess, has left us. For the past three years Amy’s been our much loved General Manager. For anyone not familiar with the secret inner workings of of a theatre company, the GM is the glue that holds the whole show together. When the party’s got out of hand and people aren’t having as much fun as they used to the GM is the one who asks the rowdy ones to leave and organises the clean up. It’s often a thankless task but Amy always managed to do it in a way that made everyone feel good. We achieved great things while she was with us and she will be very much missed. We know she’ll do great things at Sydney Festival and wish her all success.

But the show must go on, and while we’re in Sydney gazing reflectively out windows, the annual celebration of all things playwriting is happening at the Bundanon Trust in Riversdale on the NSW South Coast. The National Studio is on once again, bringing together playwrights from across the country. Under the guidance of award-winning playwrights, Donna Abela, Vanessa Bates and Ross Mueller, the country’s leading young writers will build friendships, test their skills and create works that speak to a new generation of artists and audiences. Some of these pieces will be chosen to create the production, Intersection 2019. 

We have something REALLY BIG happening this month that (we hope) will be of huge interest to students and teachers across the country, especially in regional and remote areas. But I’m sworn to secrecy for the next week or so. MY TIP? Maybe just keep your eyes on our social media around the end of this week to be first to read all about it!

Over the past week we have been madly auditioning for our last two shows of the year,The Climbing Tree by Rachael Coopes (presented in partnership with Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre) and Charlie Pilgrim: A Beginners Guide to Time Travel by Sam O’Sullivan. For anyone wanting to audition for ATYP show make sure you sign on to the audition database. Our next auditions will take place in October for the first show of 2019.

For young people wanting to get involved in some drama check out the weekly and school holiday classes now. There’s a fantastic lineup of programs for all ages. Check out the website for details on what is happening where. And that’s it for this month. If you haven’t come to visit us in our new offices on William Street, drop in for a visit. We have tea and biscuits!

Until next month,

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