Help us tell the government that young people are worth it


Submissions to the National Cultural Policy close this Monday, 22 August.


The new National Cultural Policy will be a framework for the arts, entertainment and cultural sector for the next ten years. This is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to push the importance of the arts and youth arts in national policy. This policy will influence the way that arts organisations (such as theatre companies, dance companies, and fine arts organisations) are funded, the way that artists are paid and treated, and aims to increase public engagement with the arts around Australia. This is our chance to have a say in what arts culture in Australia looks like!


Join ATYP in making a submission to the National Cultural Policy and send a message to the federal government that young people have value and deserve opportunities to tell their stories and see themselves reflected in our culture. It doesn’t have to be an essay – you can write about how the arts has affected you in a short 500 character submission.


Anyone and everyone! No matter if you are an artist, a participant, a parent, or even just a friend of the arts, every voice matters.

In the same year that ATYP has been provided a state-of-the-art facility by the NSW government, our federal funding comes to an end! It is time to make young people a priority for the government and we need a groundswell of public support.

New Federal Arts Minister, Tony Burke, and Industry panellists are waiting to hear what we have to say.

© Tracey Schramm


There are two ways to make a submission; a 500-word short submission, or a long-form submission that addresses the Five Pillars of the National Cultural Policy – there are templates available to help you construct your response.


  1. If you want to make a short submission, scroll down to the HAVE YOUR SAY NOW button and, if you like, you can copy, paste, and complete the text below in the 500 character short comment section.


  1. If you want to say more than 500 characters, check out the Five Pillars of the National Cultural Policy.
  2. Consider which pillar or pillars that you would like to talk about as a participant, artist, teaching artist, arts worker, manager or friend of the arts.
  3. If using the downloaded template, fill in the boxes you want to respond to. The main sections of the template are:
    a. What challenges and opportunities do you see in the pillar or pillars most relevant to you.
    b. Please tell us how each of the five pillars are important to you and your practice and why.
    c. Are there any other things that you would like to see in a National Cultural Policy?
  4. If they feel aligned for you, cut and paste our Four Key Recommendations (below) into the response box to the question ‘Are there any other things that you would like to see in a National Cultural Policy?’

I support the development of a National Cultural Policy. I also support ATYP and others’ Key Recommendations for a Youth Engagement Framework because…


Together with our Youth Arts colleagues, ATYP is putting forward four key recommendations, which you may wish to include in your submission. They are:

  1. Include “Young People’s Engagement” as a priority of the National Cultural Policy;
  2. Establish an ongoing funding stream for Young People’s Arts and investment in companies whose core business is young people’s engagement, to be administered by the Australia Council for the Arts;
  3. Establish a separate stream of funding for Young People’s engagement and participation to be made available to Health, Employment and the Arts – co-managed by the Australia Council;
  4. Establish Young People’s Advisory Committees that reflect the diversity of young Australians, managed independently, as an ongoing standing committee for the Australia Council for the Arts and the Minister for the Arts.

This is a once-in-decade opportunity to make a change that will benefit young people for the next decade to come – but you must submit by midnight on Monday night or risk becoming pumpkins 🎃