The Big Dry


Brothers George and Beeper wait anxiously day after day for their father to come home. If they are discovered on their own it would mean the end of everything. Then a girl breaks in. Two’s company but three is a problem.

The Big Dry, by Tony Davis, is an unsettling and evocative depiction of dystopian fiction at its very best. It tells the story of three young people battling a world gone horribly wrong. Beautifully and economically told, it is one of those stories that touch your heart, stays with you long after you’ve finished the final page and says much about the human condition.

The Big Dry sees ATYP teaming up with Sydney’s iconic Ensemble Theatre in a creative collaboration driven by Artistic Directors Mark Kilmurry and Fraser Corfield. A cast of exceptional young professional actors aged between 12 and 16 drive this frightening tale of children abandoned in a hostile world.  

A haunting and exquisitely written story that will leave readers wondering if this could be our future.

Kid’s Book Review

Cast & Creative Team

Jack Andrew, Sofia Nolan, Rory Potter, Noah Sturzaker and Richard Sydenham

by Tony Davis, adapted by Mark Kilmurry

Fraser Corfield

Set/Costume Design
Rita Carmody

Lighting Design
Benjamin Brockman

Sound Design
Daryl Wallis

Jane FitzGerald

Stage Manager
Ruth Horsfall

Alana Canceri

Image Credit

Amelia J Dowd

Production Images
Clare Hawley

Past Productions