Cursed hearts


This dynamic new production is inspired by the Romeo and Juliet of Shakespeare, Gounod, and Prokofiev and opens at atyp’s Studio 1 on 28 July 2011.

This innovative interpretation of Romeo and Juliet fuses the classic techniques of opera, ballet and Shakespearian theatre with electronic music, contemporary dance and bite-sized text.

This is an installation. The seating banks are gone and destruction surrounds you as you are guided on an emotional journey told through the melodies, harmonies and dissonance of the chorus of 16 performers.

Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp) presents Cursed Hearts

Cast & Creative Team

Peter Aoun, Scott Bolas, Isaac Bradley, Emma Brawley, Andrea Cabello, Madison Cameron, Alya Drobot, Alfie Gledhill, Joanna Griffiths, Molly Haddon, Ashlee Harpur, Blaine Horne, Sarah McCoy, Pollyanna Nowicki, Elizabeth Pallas, Christina Paterno, Emily Potts, Melanie Priest, Rebecca Quin, Georgia Sekulla, Rachel Smuin, Mikhail Ushakoff, Tehani Vicario

Danielle O’Keefe

Set/Costume Design
Adrienn Lord and Marc Barold

Assistant Costume Designer
Chloe Lawrence-Hartcher

Lighting Design
Ben Cisterne

Sound Design
Tom Brennen and Zachary Wiffen

Belinda Scanlan

Production Manager
Liam Kennedy

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