In a secondary school biology lab a restless group of teens is surviving detention. For some it’s a sentence, for others a temporary salvation. For their teacher Beth, it’s a chance to push a little further, to try for a little hope, a little ambition.

But adding to the mix of love, lust, jealousy, insecurity and the struggle of growing up, the wider world is encroaching. The country is at war and young men are leaving. Only those that can rapidly evolve will survive.

Cast & Creative Team

Casey Elder, Ethan Gibson, Humphrey Goldstein, Olivia Hewson, Laura Pearce, Morgan Thomas

Sam Holcroft

Karla Conway

Set/Costume Design
Nevena Mrdjenovic

Lighting Design
Samantha Pickering

Sound Design
Karla Conway and Zachary Wiffen

Production Manager
Alister Emerson

Stage Manage
Molly Caddey

Technical Manager
Alister Emerson

Past Productions