Winter Workshops

To book for our Winter Workshops please checkout our upcoming courses and call us on (02) 9270 2400 to make your booking.

Join us for the ultimate Alumni Only farewell to ATYP's Studio 1 on Pier 4/5 at The Wharf: Book you ticket for ATYP's Last Hurrah for Studio One.


This year’s Annual Appeal explores the many reasons our donors have for supporting ATYP. However, it is through the ATYP Impact Evaluation report released in December 2017 that we have gained groundbreaking insight into the impact of our company and programs. It showed us that the work we do, which can only happen with your help, has long-lasting positive affects on young people. Of those surveyed, many reported successful careers outside the performing arts, saw a boost to their educational performance, developed higher levels of empathy, and the capacity to build stronger relationships with their friends and families.

Your support ensures ATYP continues to provide our highly beneficial drama programs to young people, and enables us to reach more young people across the country.

No matter which area of ATYP you choose to donate to, your support of the company through our Annual Appeal enables thousands of young people access to highly transformative drama experiences that help to shape their future achievements and experiences.



Make your donation through GIVE NOW website.


A monthly gift is greatly appreciated as it enables the company to plan ahead. A small, monthly pledge makes a huge difference for us.

You can choose to set up a monthly gift via Give Now. Click on the link above, select your area of giving, and tick ‘Regular Donation’, choosing the monthly amount you wish to make. Donors who give monthly prefer setting up a regular gift because it’s automatic and secure.


>You can give via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your personal bank account to:

Account Name: Australian Theatre for Young People DGR Account
BSB: 032 100
A/C: 120962


Complete the FORM or post to:

Australian Theatre for Young People,
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