Delivering theatre education to every corner of Australia.

ATYP’s in-house learning team specialise in creating bespoke drama experiences that connect schools across the country to our theatre company in creative and inspiring ways. We’re committed to taking drama education beyond the theatre and the classroom and delivering it to every corner of Australia.

Our education programs deepen students’ experience of drama by giving them unique insight into every stage of the theatre-making process; from writing through to rehearsals and on to performance. With ATYP students can participate in a script development, watch one of our acclaimed productions either in person or online, speak directly with the cast and crew in a Q&A, unpack the themes and issues of the show in a workshop and then come back to audition themselves!

If you have a dream for drama in your school, ATYP Learning are your next artistic collaborators.  Contact us today to find out what’s possible!


Step into our online classroom

ATYP On Demand is our online classroom. You’ll find a growing library of ATYP’s past productions, all filmed live and in HD, ready for you to access any time for free. Each production is accompanied by a suite of tailored resources that take you deeper into the world of the show and provide insight into the creative process.