HSC Drama Series Workshops

ATYP’s HSC Drama Series delivers live drama workshops streamed into your classroom.

These two-hour intensive workshops are designed to give students a practical experience linked to topics from HSC Studies in Drama and Theatre. The workshops explore the rubric through practical exercises which students can later reflect on and write about. Each session is led by an ATYP artist with experience in the relevant topic and can be customised to focus on the texts, performance styles or practitioners your class is studying.

The HSC Drama Workshop can be delivered at your school, online or at our workshop space at the Eighteen80 Hall, Devonshire Street, Surry Hills.

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $550

Topics Available:

Australian Drama and Theatre
In this practical workshop students will explore the techniques and dramatic conventions used by past and present Australian theatre practitioners. By embodying the performance styles and conventions used in key traditional and contemporary works, students will learn how these practitioners represent and reflect Australian society, identity and socio-political ideas on stage. You can choose to focus on either Dramatic Traditions In Australia or Contemporary Australian Theatre Practice.

Texts available

Norm and Ahmed by Alex Buzo

No Sugar by Jack Davis

The Chapel Perilous by Dorothy Hewett

The Removalists by David Williamson

Verbatim Theatre
Through engaging with the performance styles, techniques and conventions of the plays, students will explore notions of authenticity, authority and the tension between maintaining truth while creating theatrically and audience engagement in Verbatim Theatre.

Texts available

Talking to Terrorists by Robin Soans

Embers by Campion Decent

Beyond the Neck by Tom Holloway

Parramatta Girls by Alana Valentine

Approaches to Acting
This workshop is a practical exploration of either one or two of the practitioners’ works and approaches to actor training. Through exploring specific techniques and exercises, students will experience the aesthetic and expression of the actor’s presence and relationship to audience engagement. You can choose to explore Le Coq, Boal, Meyerhold and/or Grotowski in this experiential workshop.

Practitioners available

Augusto Boal

Jacques Lecoq

Vsevolod Meyerhold

Jerzy Grotowski

The Voice of Women in Theatre
This workshop is an exploration of plays written by women which give expression to a female vision of human experience. In this practical workshop, students will examine the roles, characters, issues and situations in the prescribed plays and explore experientially the stereotypes and socio/cultural judgements made about women through the playwright’s voice.

Texts available

The Rover by Aphra Behn

Top Girls by Caryl Churchill

Jump for Jordon by Donna Abela

Highway of Lost Hearts by Mary-Anne Butler

Box The Pony by Leah Purcell and Scott Rankin

The Female of the Species by Joanna Murray-Smith

Black Comedy
This workshop is a practical investigation of the nature of comedy and use of humour to explore the human experience of pain, loss, the controversial or taboo. By engaging with the forms, styles and conventions of two modern comedic plays, students will explore the uncomfortable issues expressed by the playwright and how audiences are affected by these plays.

Texts available

The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

October by Ian Wilding

The Shape of Things by Neil La Bute

Significant Plays of the 20th Century 
In this workshop students will experimentally explore plays that shaped the theatrical paradigm of the 20th Century. By engaging with the performance styles, issues and theatrical conventions of these seminal works, students will learn how they redefined modern theatre and how their impacts are still felt today.

Texts available

Mother Courage by Bertholt Brecht

The Bald Prima Donna by Eugene Ionesco

The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and Members of the Tectonic Theatre Project 2001

Angels In America by Tony Kushner

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