Giving Stories


ATYP uses drama to make young people thrive. Our passion is giving young people a voice to tell their own stories. What better way than story telling to show how philanthropy impacts on young people?

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ATYP's Productions

Brandon's story 

ATYP has been key to my growth as a performer, as an artist. The experience I have had working not only on the two productions with ATYP, but also the developments and workshops, has honed my skills and has placed me in a better position to engage with other theatre makers and practitioners, but also the general community - our audience. ATYP is one of those rare companies that gives young people the chance to not only work as professionals in the theatre, but also gives us the experience and skills we need if we are to lead the industry in the years to come.
With a company like ATYP, the future of Australian theatre is kept not only alive for generations to come but also broadens its base and takes the art form into new and exciting territories, it is the seed that keeps theatre growing.


ATYP Writing Program

Julia's story

"The impact that the ATYP and their writing programmes have had on my career is, very obvious, and in some ways very easily measurable.  Over the 18 months, I have written three new plays with the company. In three years, I’ve directed several new plays independently - all with the support of atyp. Through National Studio and National mentoring alone, my work has been produced professionally, published by currency press, broadcast by ABC radio national and developed for production. 

But the true value of ATYP and its writing programmes, goes far beyond anything I can list off my CV.  ATYP’s value is bigger that the breadth of opportunities they offer, and deeper than the numerous experiences it has created for young people to see themselves onstage".  


Drama Workshop Scholarships

Elanur ‘s story

Elanur received a drama workshops scholarship in 2015.

“I wanted to go to ATYP because at school I liked the chance to do some acting and dancing. I liked the thought of ATYP because it was doing something where I hadn’t been before and I was also excited about making new friends.

One thing I can remember is meeting Sarah Parsons the Workshop Manager and now we have Rob Jago. Rob comes to see what we are doing each day and he gives us ideas on how we can improve and think about doing things a different way. The workshop leaders are really cool and fun to work with.  Each workshop we do has a different theme and we get to write, create, act and play games, learn a part and feel part of a group.

I think it has made me more confident and it will help me to settle into high school next year because I am confident now in making new friends. I used to be shy but now I look forward to making new friends.  Each time I do a workshop I learn more and I build on my skills.

On the last day we present our show to the parents and it makes me feel happy, excited and proud.  Three words I would use to say what I think about ATYP is that it is fun, enjoyable and creative.”

Sarah’s story

Sarah Ison works as the Executive Officer of The Girls & Boys Brigade. Her charity represents children living in difficult family circumstances and strives to improve their life outcomes. Their children live in the most economically disadvantaged areas in Sydney and 100% of the families serviced by Girls and Boys Brigade are financially disadvantaged.

The opportunity to engage our children and young people in ATYP workshops has been inspiring in so many ways. One of our goals is to extend the opportunities and experiences of our children and youth in areas that will help them from a social and emotional development aspect as well as developing skills which they can then take into so many aspects of their life and atyp provides the perfect opportunity. The no cost workshops break down any barrier that our families have to participation and the ATYP really feels like an extension of the Girls & Boys Brigade family.  We love hearing from the kids and their parents about their time at atyp, from the amazing workshops ideas, to the friends they have made, to how proud they are about the end of week or semester show and the proud look on the parents faces as they have seen their children gain confidence and experience.“ 

Otto's story

Otto Thomas (12) is very passionate about drama, but unfortunately there are not too many opportunities for him to get involved in drama workshops in his hometown of Forbes, NSW. So he and his mother, Emma were delighted when Otto was granted a scholarship in 2014 to attend a holiday workshop at ATYP to create spooky worlds and stories. His scholarship even made news in the local newspaper. Emma adds "ATYP encouraged Otto to stay involved and go back and visit in the future, and considering the location just under the Harbour Bridge at the wharves, that’s something I would be happy to do.” 


ATYP Online

The support of our donors is helping ATYP to redefine drama education across Australia!
In our 2013 fundraising appeal we introduced the ATYP community to our ATYP Online initiative; an interactive
website providing new drama education resources to audiences beyond the physical bounds of our Sydney studios.
Since then, to initiate this program, ATYP has raised more than $287,000 in three years. To date we have:
- delivered nine live-streamed productions reaching over 5,000 young people and educators around Australia and, unexpectedly, a small number overseas!
- created 25 new online teaching resources including 9 new videos to complement those live-streamed productions
- received funding for a ‘Geek-in-Residence’ who will audit our digital technology use and identify future needs for remote interactive participation.
- installation of high speed internet by TPG in January 2016.
With the redevelopment of the ATYP website from 2016, content will become interactive, offering relevant learning experiences that showcase ATYP’s theatre making processes. It will pioneer new possibilities for on-line drama education. This innovative path enhances ATYP’s national leadership thanks to our generous supporters.


* ATYP is in negotiations with the NSW State Government, internet providers, and other companies at Walsh Bay about the installation of high speed internet.