atypical advisors

Calling ATYP's young theatre makers.

Are you passionate about theatre? Do you like reading scripts and discussing ideas for new projects? Would you like to be involved in programming ATYP's 2019 season? If you are interested in learning how the national youth theatre selects plays, identifies project ideas and works with playwrights to develop scripts then join the 2018 ATYPicals Artistic Reference Group.

The ATYPicals are our most important advisors, a dedicated artistic youth committee aged 13-26 who meet once a month between February and September. Working directly with Artistic Director Fraser Corfield and members of ATYP's creative team, the ATYPicals will learn about all aspects of company programming. Most importantly, the ATYPicals identify scripts, consult on projects, and suggest master classes and other creative activities that make up the company's programs. 

The next meeting for 2018 will be held on Tuesday 27th March from 4-6pm at ATYP. All participants must be familiar with the company having participated in either a production, workshop, work experience or have volunteered with us.

If you would like to attend this meeting (and you weren't at the February meeting) please email your contact details and a brief explanation for why you want to be an Atypical to [email protected]. If you would like to discuss the Atypical Artistic Reference Group in more detail call Fraser on 9270 2405.