atypical advisors

Hi there potential atypical advisor and welcome!

My guess is you’ve meandered on over here because you’re interested in being part of one of ATYP’s most exciting initiatives; The atypical advisors!

My name is Patrick Richards and I’ve been an atypical since our inception in 2009. In that time I’ve aided in the selection of ATYP’s productions, planned and hosted Christmas parties, cooked (and eaten) a lot of sausages and even had over fifty people dancing the ‘Surfin Bird.’

By becoming an atypical you can take part in all of the above but perhaps more importantly you can make a meaningful and dynamic impact on the direction of the company, working with staff to ensure that ATYP does nothing but continue to improve.

So if you are interested (and how could you not be?) you will find all the necessary information for signing up down below. I will mention briefly that it is a twelve month commitment, with at least one meeting per month but if you have any interest in how a theatre company works and how to be a part of its workings we’d love you to apply!

Patrick Richards - atypical advisor


  • Create a company everyone can enjoy,
  • Listen to and represent young people,
  • Identify and deliver unique experiences,
  • Maintain a sense of NOW and look forward in decision making.


  • We are genuinely passionate about theatre and performance,
  • We believe in fun and focus - hard work and great experiences,
  • We understand not all ‘young people’ are the same.  We respect and embrace difference - in background, opinions and aesthetics,
  • In our meetings every suggestion is respected.

Why become an atypical?

Being a member of the atypical advisory team is not only fun, it’s jam-packed with a bunch of benefits (and it doesn’t include the free food at meetings!). The big kids (that’s the staff) at ATYP treat the atypicals with respect. Our ideas and opinions are taken seriously, and we’re kept up-to-date on what’s going on at the company, and how it runs. It also helps to clear up just how one goes from fresh-faced school student to jaded theatre director. We’re yet to meet someone without a friendly face, and because we meet monthly and correspond all year round, great relationships are formed with like-minded people in an environment that isn’t school or uni or work. It’s also a great networking opportunity with the industry, just as another tidbit of incentive.

Meeting Process

The atypical advisors meet once a month at ATYP, and we have clear objectives to be addressed and achieved at every meeting. Whilst we’re a social little group, we do still have work to do!

Agendas for every meeting are distributed one week before the meeting, and atypicals can opt to add to agenda items. Minutes are also taken for those who can’t make a meeting (and for those who may need a bit of a refresher) and sent a few days after the meeting is held.

The advisory committee can, at any time, make formal recommendations for ATYP company activity. After all, we represent the target market of ATYP– the youth. The company takes our suggestions very seriously, and completes a specific process when recommendations are made. This process is:

    1) atypicals agree on the recommendation.
    2) A plan of action is agreed with the staff and recorded in the minutes.
    3) Staff actively pursue all suggestions, including:
        a) Feedback on the feasibility of the suggestion (budget, resources etc.)
        b) How to achieve the suggestion
    4) Staff report back at the next meeting (or agreed deadline if one month isn’t enough time)
    5) atypicals are then invited to participate in the delivery of recommendations that are enacted.

Don’t worry; we have a rule that forbids those not present at meetings to be nominated to do something – that’s just a bit unfair.

Application process

Potential applicants must complete an expression of interest form downloaded from the website. The form will contain the following guidelines for inclusion:

  • Why do you want to be an atypical (gauge enthusiasm)?
  • Demonstrate that they know and like the company (must have completed at least 2 holiday workshops, 1 full ensemble or 1 production).
  • What can you contribute? 

What is required from atypicals?

  • 12 month involvement,
  • Commitment to attend and contribute to monthly meetings (missing 2 meetings without explanation can lead to dismissal),
  • Support at least 2 ATYP events per year.

So, if you have read all this and want to get on board, HERE is the application form. Just fill it in and email it to [email protected]