18+ Courses

ATYP offers a number of courses for particpants 18+. We have weekly semester classes with industry professionals covering everything from Shakespeare to screen. Also popular is our Professional series designed to give experienced young performers the chance to work with some of the industries most exciting and dynamic leaders. Current courses listed below:


SOLD OUT - if you are interested in this course, please send your contact details to Claudene [email protected] as we will be holding another session later in the year. 

The audition room can be a daunting place for many young actors. Over four weeks, this course will demystify the audition experience and arm you with the tools to succeed. Whether you are auditioning to get an agent, a theatre role or screen testing, this course is designed to give you an edge.  Each week will focus on a different part of the audition experience and build your knowledge and confidence.  We will teach you the skills and techniques to maximise your time in the audition room whilst giving you access to industry acting coaches, a professional theatre director and an experienced casting agent.

**Maximum of 10 Participants.

**Payment plans available call the office for more information (02) 9270 2400.

Tutors: Robert Jago (NIDA, ACA, Bell Shakespeare, ATYP Workshops Manager), James Evans (Associate Director Bell Shakespeare) and Danny Long (Danny Long Casting – Feature film, short film, TVC) now open for enrolment - Click Here for details.